Movement to various directions(basic)

As in all sports it is essential to prepare your body every time you are about to do an exercise, a drill or take part in a fight. Particularly in Muaythai or Thai boxing, body preparation is instrumental in making fighters the best that they can be. The goal of the preparation is not solely for warming up the body but also for the prevention of injuries in practice or the actual fight. As Muaythai requires the use of every body part, the body must be especially prepared for readiness, alertness and precision when responding to your impulses while, at the same time, avoiding injury in both defensive stances and offensive moves. It is fundamental for all students of Muaythai who hope for optimum efficiency because all the boxing stances and moves, being alert and ready and attacking and self-defending are fully involved in any fight. Finally, the signature homage boxing dance, the so-called “wai-khru”, is representative of Muay Thai; its benefit and merit lie not only in the display of gratitude and respect to masters, teachers, coaches and trainers, but it is also replete with the benefits of physical relaxation, mental calming and morale boosting.