Defending Kick

The use of the feet in Muaythai involves two postures—straight kicking and shoving, both of which can be highly effective in attack and defense because they are longer-range weapons for attacking and defending quickly. Footwork can be used when assessing and counteracting your opponent’s strategy. The book will describe the use of the feet when kicking and shoving in response to the situation. Shoving includes straight shoving, sideways shoving, cut-shoving, pinch-shoving (shoving with bent toes), drop shoving, slap shoving, backward shoving and jump shoving. Kicking includes straight kicking, jump kicking, half-shin/ half-knee kicking, swirl kicking, cart-wheel kicking and tread kicking. The animation describes each of the kicks and shoves in step-by-step detail with animated illustrations and useful tips to ensure clear understanding and visualization.