iMAES Portal User Guide

Welcome to iMAES portal, the latest development and an extension of the Project Muaythai iGLA. IMAES curriculum is intended to complement Khru Muaythai (instructors) to teach and train their students in their facilities. IMAES portal was developed with user oriented so you’ll become familiar with it in no time. The web design uses responsive technology so you can open the portal with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or your smartphone so you can enjoy learning iMAES everywhere you go. The portal is categorized into 5 main parts:


*Press the title to view detail.

1.Open or

*Supported web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

– URL : or



2.iMAES Homepage

– URL : or



3.Detail of Main menu

– Home = General information of the iMAES

– About us = What and How is iMAES?

– Learning Muaythai = Information about the iMAES curriculum

– Become a member = Subscribe to the iMAES curriculum

– Site map = Map about each component of the portal

– Contact us = How to contact us

– Member area = information about your membership

– FAQ = The frequent asked questions


4.Steps to become a member

– Choose menu : BECOME A MEMBER



– Choose type of member

Gym member_R2


– Choose your country

– Contact with your National Federation or



5.Enter Portal iMAES

– Choose menu “Member Area” or login



– Type your Email and Password to login



– In case you forget your password, you can press “Lost your password?” in order to request for a new password