Each volume of this Muaythai collection describes the techniques of using parts of the body as weapons in the art of Muaythai; these include the use of the fist, foot, knee and elbow, all of which can be used in attacking your opponent effectively. The opposite of attack is defense, which is crucial for students of Thai boxing to learn and to master because offence is based on good defense until the exact moment when you can find an opening in your opponent’s guard to attack precisely. Level 6 concerning the fundamentals of self-defense presents you with the basic stances and moves when protecting yourself in Muaythai, whether this be punching defense, foot defense, knee defense or elbow defense, all of which are elaborated upon in detail; this includes the breaking up of the momentum (of your opponent), slighting distance, thwarting a striking force, protecting yourself with different body parts, retreating all the way, dodging in the advancing gait and the circumventing torso movement.

The animation describes Muaythai self-defense in step-by-step detail, with illustrations and useful tips to ensure clear understanding and visualization.