Muaythai Techniques

Muaythai Techniques are the ancient art of using body parts to defeat rivals, They address :

  • 1. Countering a Punch
  • 2. Countering an Elbow Strike
  • 3. Countering a Knee Strike
  • 4. Countering a Kick
  • 5. Attacking

These fighting techniques can be adapted to any situation. Practitioners of Muaythai techniques nee to know the goal of each technique and at the same time learn the way to counter it. The countering techniques depend largely on fighting instinct and the agility/speed of each person. These techniques include warding off, guarding, swerving, ducking, springing, elbow, thrust, punch, knee strike, direct defense, swiveling, etc. When mastered, these techniques can be modified and applied in the ring without having to do everything by the book.